Antarctic Queen

Product Profile:

From the pristine waters of Patagonia, caught in the deep, ice-cold oceans surrounding the Antarctic. Comes one of the world's most desirable
white fish. Harvested from a sustainable fishery, Antarctic Queen is MSC certified protecting our environment from overfishing. MSC will secure the longevity of this species. Antarctic Queen has been gaining popularity since it hit the US market in 2020.

Antarctic Queen is a Deep-Sea Cold-Water fish, it has a delicious delicate flavor, slightly sweet and buttery with a large succulent flake.

Out of all hake Species Antarctic Queen is considered the queen of its family. It is undoubtedly the best among the varieties of hake in the world. It
can even be said that it is among the best fish in the world of white fishing. Antarctic Queen meat is oily giving a rich flavor but is low in fat. This makes Antarctic Queen an extremely healthy choice when considering a white fish.

Merluccius (Hake) Profile:

Hake is mild tasting, even a bit sweet. The texture varies from species to
species. The best species are Cape capensis and Antarctic queen. Cape Capensis has a
similar texture to Flounder, where Antarctic Queen’s texture resembles Chilean
Seabass. These two Hake species tend to be Frozen at Sea products, this preserves their

Raw flesh is lean and ranges from white to off-white. Sea Frozen being on the
white side of the spectrum where Land Frozen becomes more off white.

Antarctic Queen
stands out in the Hake genius for its Superior appearance and flavor. Antarctic Queen
attained its name for its luxurious white flesh and rich delicate flavor. Antarctic
Queen is a large fish averaging 6- pounds.


The stewardship and workmanship of Antarctic Queen is immaculate and helps to preserve the highest quality for years to come. Antarctic Queen is caught with an artisanal line and hook method by smaller fishing vessels in the deep cold waters (800-1000meters) of the southern hemisphere near Chile and New Zealand. The New Zealand population is found over the Chatham Rise, Campbell Plateau and around South Island north to the East Cape. The South American population extends from  Chiloé Island  south to 59°S in the Pacific, around Cape Horn and north to 38°S in the South Atlantic.

Found at depths between 415 and 1000 m in New Zealand waters, and 62 to 800 m in South American waters. The Patagonian population feeds on southern blue whiting, whiptail, nototheniids and squids. The New Zealand population feeds mainly on fishes, squids, euphausiids and benthic organisms. Spawning takes place from August to September on the western coast of South Island, from September to November in the northern part of the Campbell Plateau, and between November and January on Chatham Rise.

Fishing Season:

Antarctic Queen is MSC certified. The catching season is 11 months out of the year. With November as a break to allow for their spawning season.

Antarctic Queen Plated Removebg Preview

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 100g

Energy: 341Kj / 81 cal

Total Fat: 1.6 g

Saturated: 0.4 g

Carbohydrates: 0.2

Sodium: 65 mg

Protein: 16.5

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