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Gulf Pacific Seafood, Inc. imports fish and shrimp from Namibia, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand. Not only are we focused on environmental sustainability, but we also provide the best quality whitefish at the best value. Get in touch with us now.

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    Responsibly-Sourced, Wild-Caught Fish

    Responsibly-sourced seafood is the key to maintaining a safe, modern, and supportable seafood industry. All of the products that are imported by Gulf Pacific Seafood are wild-caught from sustainable fish populations.

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    Upholding A Safe Environmental Ideal

    Our seafood company is concerned about climate change and knows the importance of maintaining a clean environment for current and future generations. We also recognize the impact of pollution in the oceans that our product comes from, and how pollutant free seafood products are healthier for all of us. The fish that we import are from the cleanest ocean waters in the world.

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    Our Seafood Sourcing Process

    Our sources work hard to maintain the highest quality seafood for the consumer using modern techniques and processes to ensure freshness and maximize the health benefits of the fish. The products sold by Gulf Pacific are consistently the freshest and most responsibly harvested seafood. Our products are wild-caught and contain no GMO or added chemicals.

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    Promoting A Healthy Fish Marketplace

    Your business and your family benefit by providing the end consumer with the freshest, high-quality, healthy, and delicious seafood products available. Gulf Pacific Seafood, Inc. is here to make that happen.

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Learn About Our Teamat Gulf Pacific Inc

Gulf Pacific Seafood, Inc. is an importer of the freshest ocean harvested wild-caught quick-frozen seafood products. We specialize in wild-caught once-frozen seafood products. Importing frozen seafood products from around the world. Currently, the majority of our products come from Namibia, Chile, and New Zealand.

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